What does the introduction of the new standard mean for salon owners and their customers?

Today, despite the unclear rules, many owners have chosen to adapt at least some of their equipment to the 0.3 W/m2 standard.

Some clients demand such devices for their own safety and health.
The introduction of services for 0.3 devices makes it necessary for owners to acquire adequate knowledge of the subject. It is important to properly and convincingly explain why the client should use equipment adapted to the new regulations. It is necessary to explain why a customer needs a longer tanning session and what benefits it will bring.

As a supplier of lamps, we provide the necessary information and materials that can be used to inform customers about the changes.

  • informational leaflets (basic information about the sun, tips on healthy and safe tanning, further information about the EU standard, the benefits of indoor tanning, indoor tanning vs sunbathing, the Fitzpatrick scale, vitamin D from the Sun)
  • Sunmax posters - "In harmony with nature, healthy, safe ..."
  • Plates for Sunmax beds -
    "In harmony with nature, healthy, safe ..."
  • certificate for Sunmax lamps

For customers tanning on equiment adapted to the 0.3 W/m2 standard, a longer tanning session is required, however  health and safety risks are strongly minimized.



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