Sunmax Smart Power Bronze

Typical bronzing tube. A maximum dose of UVA light causes direct pigmentation of the skin, creating a magical effect – the super bronze. The effect is similar to the high-pressure tanning lamps used for facial tanning. A lamp with an extended lifespan; longLife +.




art.  name wattage [W] lifetime [h]

electrode [S/L]*

lenght [cm]

Smart Power Bronze 160 W
longlife+, UVA 50 mW/cm²

160 800-1000 L 176

*S – shortmount, L - longmount

By using the appropriate mixture of gases, a different spectrum of UV light is produced which standard UV lamps cannot.  The modified characteristics of long UVA wavelengths ensure immediate tanning effects.

Comparing the Smart Power Bronze spectrum to that of standard UV lamps


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