Sunmax A-Class: in harmony with nature, healthy, safe

A-Class - No. 1 among lamps meeting the standard 0.3 W/m2    

It is a challenge to produce strong tanning lamps with a maximum effective irradiance of 0.3 W/m2. Sunmax A-class lamps have met the challenge and are made possible through the use of noble gases, high-end electrodes, selecting the most effective UV ray lengths and choosing the proper glass and phosphors. Precise attention to even the smallest detail of each of these elements has made it possible to obtain satisfactory results so far unattainable for all who want to tan using the “tanning standard.”

It is what's in the details that has put the Sunmax A-class far ahead of available market 0.3 lamps, giving users the most out of a tanning salon utilizing the tanning standard. Series A-Class is categorized as the most effective, ensuring the shortest tanning times imaginable.




art.  name wattage [W] lifetime [h]

electrode [S/L]*

lenght [cm] UV-Code
100501 A-Class Intensive Power 25 W 25 600 S 52 25-O-12/4,0
100502 A-Class Intensive Power 100 W 100 800 S 176 100-R-27/3,1
100503 A-Class Intensive Power 160 W 160 800 S 176 160-R-40/2,7
100508 A-Class Intensive Bronze Plus 160 W 160 800 S 176 160-R-37/2,4
100504 A-Class Intensive Bronze 160 W 160 800 S 176 160-R-29/2,1
100505 A-Class Intensive Bronze 200 W 180-200 800 S 200 200-R-36/2,4
100509 A-Class Intensive Bronze Plus 180 W 180-200 800 S 200 180-R-37/2,4
100506 A-Class Intensive Bronze 200 W 1.9m 180-200 800 S 190 200-R-36/2,5

A-Class Platinum 160 W High Quality
High Quality Technology, longlife+

160 1000 L 176 160-R-32/2,1
*S – shortmount, L - longmount


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